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International cooperations

  • Hungarian-Slovak Intergovernmental S & T Cooperation
    Topic: Enhancement of the stability of lipase enzymes in ionic liquids
    Partner: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (K. Bélafi-Bakó)
  • Hungarian- Czech Intergovernmental S & T Cooperation
    Topic: Separation of multicomponent gaseous mixtures by membrane processes
    Partner: Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, CAS, Praha, (K. Bélafi-Bakó)
  • Hungarian-Slovenian Intergovernmental S & T Cooperation
    Topic: Enzymatic esterification in “green” solvents
    Partner: University of Maribor, Faculty of Chemisry and Chemical Engineering, Slovenia (L. Gubicza)
  • Hungarian-Croatian Intergovernmental S & T Cooperation
    Topic: Study on biotransformations of industrial interest in aqueous and non-conventional media
    Partner: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Department for Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, (L. Gubicza)
  • Hungarian-Canadian Scientific Collaboration
    Topic: Extraction and separation of metals by supported liquid membrane combined with complexing membrane filtration. The Centre d’études des procédés chimiques du Québec (CÉPROCQ) (Endre Nagy), 2009-2010
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